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No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.
-H.E. Luccock

The quote above applies to the sucess of an author bringing a book to the world! Each of our authors build team of supporters and implement many resources to have their work shine in the spotlight. If you resonate with the subect of any of the books listed below - join their launch team in support of the years of work that went into bringing their book(s) to the world. If you are an aspiring author, doing so will be a fabulous experience for you.

Scott Sommer, LAc

The 12 Pillars of Vibrant Health

Looking Good and Feeling Great

The Anti-Aging and Longevity Formula

Scott Sommer's childhood journey with epilepsy and then miraculous healing at age 15, led him to receive degrees in chemistry, nutrition, and oriental medicine. In so doing, he discovered the ancient secrets to

Vibrant Health


Scott has had his medical practice for over 26 years and has had the joy of helping thousands of patients overcome complex and difficult conditions.

Join us on an amazing journey to living a Vibrant Healthy Life!

Your Eternal Identity

Practicing the Principles of a Spirit-Supplied Life

by Julanne Dalke

The purpose of this book is to help you get solid on four Principles: Transformation, Change, Adaptation and Self-Realization.

Eternal Identity is the part of the human heart that carries a frequency of intuition and emotion. Granted, you cannot see Consciousness, but in its purity it is capable of transcending fear-based thoughts. It is faith that points to the Presence of an absolute Other. Some might call it your conscience, Spirit, or your mind’s eye. It is an inner feeling or voice viewed as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior. It’s a nudge. It’s the promptings of guardian angels. It’s a red alert. It’s fight or flight. An inner guide. An awareness of and response to our surroundings while we are awake. It’s the distinction between the natural you and the non-material side of you. It is a transpersonal state of consciousness beyond the limits of physical identity. It is your Eternal Identity.

Nancy Nance

Choose Joy

A Survivors Guide for Hope

CHOOSE JOY is a survival guide for anyone who has been or will ever feel broken by life. It is a handbook for hope designed to help you find peace. Learning to navigate through the places you travel in life is easier with a friendly guide, easy to understand map and success strategy. A guide gives you something to hold onto as you wait for the pain to end. A map shows you that there are many places to travel. A strategy offers you action steps to take to help you achieve success. 

Nancy's intention is to share the tangled threads and beautiful tapestry of her life. She's experienced the beauty of love and seen the graceful unfolding of death. She is a rebel with a cause and a humble, peaceful warrior. She knows that battling through life with an axe seeking vengeful justice does not align with with a joyful journey. Peace is power and beauty is love.

The Bugeater Lunch and Supper Club by Rick Soper, Michael Gleeson,Dave Riddle_Spotlight Pubishing House

Jaded Health

Every Day Health Choices

9 Simple Golden Rules for Living a Healthy Life

If you are ready to have abundant energy, feel better, look better, have optimal health, heightened congnitive ability and mental clarity, this book is for you.

The infromation book will empower you to understand what is possible and how to do it.

Everyone will tell you how to lose weight, few will tell you how to become healthy.

This book is based on thousands of hours of research. David Medansky identified 9 Simple Golden Rules for every day health choices. Don't let the simplicity of the 9 Simple Golden Rules fool you. They are game changers!

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The Imaginist - Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore by Sharyn G. Jordan_Spotlight Publshing House

Betty Carew

Rick Soper, Michael Gleeson

and Dave Riddle

Our Journey from Darkness to Light _Spotlight Publishing House

Brenda Hammon

The Imaginist - Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore by Sharyn G. Jordan_Spotlight Publshing House

Melodie Yates

Sujata Ives, PhD_Sandra J. Horton, MA

Our Journey from Darkness to Light _Spotlight Publishing House

Paul Krismer and Jackson Kerchis

The Imaginist - Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore by Sharyn G. Jordan_Spotlight Publshing House

Sharyn G. Jordan/Contributing Authors

The Game Changer - Inspirational Stories That Changed Lives by Iman Aghay _ Spotlight Publishing House

Iman Aghay/Contributing Authors

Revolution Without the R - Helpng our Newest Generations Turn Revolution into Evolution and Change US Politics Forever _ Spotlight Publishing House

Michael Marr

I Cannot Come Down - Answering God's Call to Serve by Christoher David Borcik_Spotlight Publishing House

Christopher David Borcik

There's No Standing Still by Dr. Sean Mohtasami _ Spotlight Publishing House

Dr. Sean Mohtashami

Awakening from Dawn to Dusk -A Perspective Shift ino Greater Freeom by Ron Baron _Spotlight Publishing House

Ron Baron

Mind Body Secrets - A Medical Dotor's Spiritual and Scientific Guide to Wellness _ Spotlight Publishing House

Dr. Beatriz Olson

21 Mistakes Caregivers Make & How to Avoid Them by Toni Claire Gitles _ Spotlight Publishing House

Toni Claire Gitles

Sacred Geometry by Sabine Kruse _ Spotlight Publishing House

Sabine Kruse


Elizabeth Brown

Frederick A. Martinez

Junie Swadron

Lisa Geraci Rigoni

Sandy Evenson

Paul Zolman_Role of Love_Spotlight Publishing House

Paul Zolman

Dr. Kenna Stephenson

Nicoleta Taylor

Tonya Pomerantz

Patricia Campbell

Radiant Achievement by Christine Howard

Christine Howard

Sophal Pettit

Sarah Lewis Belcher

Radiant Achievement by Christine Howard

Skip Wood

Helen Maragos

Angela Wilson

Sandy Levey-Lunden

David Cleveland

Chris Coffman

Nancy Hicks Marshall

Bobbie Casalino Lewis

Brenda Kilhoffer

Betty Carew

Carol Patricia Koppelman

Audra Rene Weeks

Len DeCarmine

Robin Golinsky and Dennis Becker

Richard Villasana

Johnny Lee

Ingrid Essawova

Rob G. Adams

Rhonda Willford Eberst

Shauna Marie MacDonald

Iman Aghay

David Knapp

David and Crystal Knapp

Robert W. Jones/Karen Perkins

S. Paul Moehring

Sandy Fulkerson

Mary E. Fisher

Brandon Barnum/Julieanne O'Connor

Brandon Barnum

Analyn and Raymond Scott

J.W. Wilson

Dr. William Lane

John J. Klein

Jenny Harkleroad

Janet Bentley

Dr. Kris Vijay

Lee Colver Richards + Cont. Authors

Kirk Fowler

Eugen V. Rosu

Jane M. Powers

Jane M. Powers

Joseph Blake Jr.

Marissa F. Cohen

Erica Grace

Paul Krismer

Kimberly Maska

Mickey See Asia and Raven

Multi-Series Books

Maggie Mongan - Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner

The Game Changer Series by Iman Aghay