The Imaginist - Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore

Stories that Ignite the Imagination!

The Imaginist Storybook

Fairy Tales, Fables, and Folklore are medicine,

a healing balm opening our heart to immense joy,

illuminating beauty, and yes, gratitude.

They are our teachers inspiring, enriching and connecting us

to essential, elegantand ever•evolving parts of our BEing.


For within sacred storytelling,

we can listen and hear our life’s journey

and also honor the expansive experiences of humanity.

Together, we traverse the Tao of Exquisite Living.


We are Imaginistscultivating hope•seeds,

Alchemists crafting BE•jeweled Treasures,

and Amlieoristscurating never•ending sublime stories. 


Each chapter is an oracle,

a divine quest written from the soul,

a classic tale for the ages.

~Deep Bow

Sharyn G. Jordan McWhorter

Meet the Authors!

Barbara Newman - Penned the Foreword
World Builder - Thane McWhorter

Amyrrah and the Magic Mirror

by Alicia Bravo

A Fable

Honey Bee Happy

By SGJ for Becky Norwood

The Vine Blinds in the Family Room

by Chelsea Sutton


Fae Sing Glory

by Cynthia Young

The Tail in Two Cities

by Trena Duffield

and Florine Duffield

Dream Weaver

by Jeanine Robinson

The Fire Within

by Joan Smith

The Night Bird

and The Angels

By Jody Sharpe

The Mourners

by Julanne Dalke

Just Supposing
by Junie Swadron
Hillarity Jane Hardy
by Marlene Hoskins


by Nicoleta Taylor

Journey to the Center

by Norma-Jean Strickland

Journey's Through Lifetimes
by Patricia Holgate Haney
Willing to Be Me

by Sandra Novak

The Tale of Glowla the Tooth Fairy

by Sara Newman

Fairytales Do Come True
by Sharyn G. Jordan McWhorter

by Susan Botich

Codes and Toads
by Suzanne Anderson
Where the River

and the Oak Meet

by Travis Sutton

A Sparkle in Time

by Viviane Chauvet

Grateful for Having

Known Him

by Betsy Brill

Love Letter

Tribute to

Jonita Kay Foster Jones

Love Letter

by Mardette (Mardy) Bee

Cowboy Office

by Brian Dygert

It's Not a Fairy Tale
by Daria Brill
Moon Pearl
by Jessica Robinson Reissner

Body of Health

by Opal M. Venelle