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About Angela

Angela Wilson is a Designated Accountant, as well as an author, speaker, coach and mentor, for women. She is the Founder and Chief Unlimited Office of Angela Unlimited. She created Angela Unlimited to assist women to transform the mindsets that are limiting them from living the life they deserve but are not yet living.

The passion to help women comes from Angela’s own experience, starting out as a child with unlimited possibilities in life, to having limits put on her. After going through very dark times where she questioned who she really was, and asking, “Isn’t there more to life than this?”

After deciding that she would no longer live life small, and quiet, she decided it was time to go out and grab the life she was here to live - a life of unlimited possibilities. Her journey took courage and strength, and she knows other women have it in them to do the same thing, they just need someone to show them they are not alone, and that there is a life of Unlimited Possibilities ahead of them. Angela is here to do just that with her book, Living Out Loud – Design Your Life of Unlimited Possibilities.

About Living Out Loud

“There’s got to be more to life than this!” 

Have you ever had the feeling that you aren’t living the life you are here to live? That you aren’t really being true to yourself, who you are, and what you have to offer? That you are living the life that other people want you to live? Maybe you are living in the shadows, hiding yourself because of fear, shame, or self-doubt. How long have you been here, living like this?

Is it time to make a change? We are born without any limits in our minds. We are born, never having been told we don’t meet someone else’s expectations, or needs. We are born never having heard we are too loud, stupid, short, fat, slow, or clumsy. Without hearing we aren’t pretty enough, or that we just aren’t… enough. In these ways we are truly born unlimited.

As we move through life, we take on limits - either self-imposed or from others, and without any warning, one day we are living a life filled with things that are limiting us from being who we really are. Living Out Loud guides you through the journey to get back to living a life of unlimited possibilities, a journey that will get you ready to live the life you are here to live. This is a journey that takes courage. Mostly it takes the courage to acknowledge that you are worth it.

In Living Out Loud, Angela Wilson has laid out chapters which will guide you to shift your mindset and the action steps you will use to begin your own journey to the life you deserve. You know, the life you have always wanted, the life you really do deserve to be living. It is waiting there for you. 

Angela includes exercises to embrace the mindset shifts and design keys to clarify steps to keep you moving on the journey of finding, embracing, and living the real you, the authentic you. What Angela shares throughout the chapters are her experiences through life and the wisdom she gained through those experiences. You will read and hear that she does not regret any of her journey as it has brought her to now and the life she always wanted to live.

The themes throughout the book bring you to a place of realizing there is another way to live, and that you have the courage within you to choose another way. There are also many stories through the book and dreams that have come true once Angela left behind the shadows of fear, shame, and doubt. 

Many women can relate to Angela’s experience of years spent slowly quieting her voice and dimming her own light. This happened as she tried to make others happy, by trying to be what they wanted her to be.  She remembers going over every sentence she was about to utter, in her head, before saying anything out loud, out of a constant fear of embarrassing herself, being judged, or annoying someone.

It came to a point where she changed so much that she couldn’t remember who she really was, at her heart. This is no way to live.  “There’s got to be more to life than this.” For a long time, Angela heard that question being asked, quietly, inside her mind. She didn’t want to acknowledge the question; she didn’t even feel worthwhile enough to consider it.

She had two choices - continue to live the life she was living or to seek the answer to that question that kept coming to mind. 

Angela shares her journey of when and why she opened her mind, opened her heart, and began the journey to remember who she truly was at her heart. She started to notice all the possibilities, choices, and beauty around her. She embraced her authentic self and remembered how to love herself. That is what her wish is for you.

Angela weaves us through dark spots, shadows, and out the other side to the light. She knows all women have the courage within to make this shift, and that it is all about opening up to the possibility that something else is out there.

Angela’s book will serve you well as you do so.  

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