Our Rolodex of Collaboration Partners

Meet our team of experts who serve as our joint venture partners. Each have been vetted and provide excellence in services and knowledge of their craft. These wonderful business owners support our authors in magnificent ways.

Our Rolodex of Collaboration Partners

Below you will find an array of Collaboration Partners that serve with excellence

and will enhance your ability to get your message to the world.

They are sectioned below as Marketing and Services.


Book Award Pro

We have partnered with Book Award Pro!

Over 2.2 million books are published every year. Authors need a smart strategy to stand out.

Book Award Pro is how you win awards and get reviews for your book.Grow book sales with story marketing and awards buzz. You are an author, not a marketer. Story marketing is the modern way for authors to sell more books. Book Award Pro has designed their platform to make it easy for authors to make lasting connections with readers through technology.

Awards are the absolute best way to create that ongoing buzz. You will have inspiring wins, third-party validation, award nominations, and so much more, all working for your story marketing.

Book Award Pro - a done-for-you system that makes it easy for authors to get discovered. Awards fuel your story marketing to connect with readers and sell more books.

Actionera APP

Mobile App by Actionera

Iman Aghay and Robert Evans

Imagine you own All-In-One Content, Membership and Marketing Platform. With Actionera you can take charge of your membership base and build a website and mobile app that reflect your brand!

With this unique All-in-one-platform you will be able to deliver content in a membership website, AND market your website using powerful marketing tools. You will have complete control over you payments, privacy and member data.

Done-for-you app publishing on the Apple/Google app stores.

Client Acquistion Through Podcasting

Ike Fontaine

We help coaches, consultants, and smb's grow their prospects inbound and authority through podcasting. 


Podcasting is the #1 content marketing method for motivated
leaders who want to grow their businesses and authority online.


We can help you build the perfect podcast system to get you
heard by over 50k ideal customers, driving sales each month to grow your business, guaranteed.

Actionera APP

Radio/Podcast Tours

Jackie Lapin

Deliver your message to Millions!

In order to truly saturate the marketplace as a means to
motivate people to purchase your books and sign on for your programs, we propose a Conscious Media Relations Podcast/Radio Tour.

This one-of-a kind promotional vehicle features a gateway to
9000 shows, with a minimum guarantee of 30 invitations!

CMR specializes in books/authors whose works improve one’s
life, one’s business or the planet including memoirs with a message. With the investment you have in yoru book, it is imperative you drive awareness, sell through and opt-in. We believe that Conscious Media Relations Podcast/Radio Tour is a vital link in that process.

See these 90+ rave reviews!  

A variety of packages to choose from.

Get On All the Stages You Need to Market Your Book

Jackie Lapin

No author wants to see their book disappear from obscurity. You need to get out on all kinds of platforms where you can connect with your ideal reader if you are going to have impact and sell books. Speaking is the single most effective way to drive book sales.  

But if you don’t want to be researching gigs for yourself, SpeakerTunity®, The Speaker and Leader Resource Company,
has researched hundreds of thousands of speaker lead contacts, and has curated them to meet the needs of authors and leaders. SpeakerTunity Member’s Only® membership program provides monthly leads for live and virtual events and meetings, conferences, podcasts/radio shows/videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and more. Get access to hundreds of thousands of leads curated for your needs, plus tools, speaker sheets design, coaching and booking resources to support you! SpeakerTunity® is the Ultimate Speaker Toolbox, one-stop shopping for the speaker!

The AUTHORity Method

Larissa Banting

The Instant Authority Method is a done-for-you service featuring:

  • A professionally-written media release

  • Distribution to over 400 media outlets which will publish the release on their website

  • A detailed 7-page report with links to every outlet where the release is published, including Google Indexed pages, delivered within 72 hours

  • As See On logos including NBC, CBS, FOX and MarketWatch that you can use in all of your marketing materials (including these in your LinkedIn avatar can increase clickthroughts by 30% according to studies, and having them on your sits can increase sales by 24-38%).

The Author's Leverage

Parchelle Tashi

As a thought leader, your wealth of knowledge can be transformed into profitable and actionable learning assets.

Meet Parchelle Tashi, a former teacher and now an executive producer of thought leaders with over a decade of experience. She will help you leverage your book and expertise with The Author’s Leverage.  We understand creating quality learning assets can be a struggle, but that's where they come in.

They specialize in creating digital workbooks, a superior alternative to traditional online courses and fillable PDFs, providing a learning experience that drives results. Contact her today to unlock the potential of your book and thought leadership.


Twin Flames Studios

Spotlight Publishing House is proud to have Twin Flames Studios as our Audiobook Partner. Twin Flames Studios is the premier audiobook company in the world for author-narrated nonfiction audiobooks, recorded remotely! And that's just the beginning. TFS can produce any audiobook style that authors might need, including professional narration, hybrid narration, music insertions, interviews, and more custom options.

Twin Flames Studios' team of directors and editors are highly experienced audio professionals who ensure you publish an audiobook that is a delight for the ears and a brilliant reflection of your message and brand. Authors get to keep all their rights, and Twin Flames Studios never takes royalties. Plus, their team will create marketing assets for you; including social media videograms and book companion podcasts that keep your message top of mind!

Audio Books

Top Quality, Low Cost Audio Book Production For The Author On A Budget.

A non-profit organization with broadcast-quality studios and experienced, volunteer readers who support the mission of Recorded Recreational Reading for the Blind, a 50-year old 501(c)3 organization in Arizona which provides recorded material for people with low-vision. Their book recording division helps support the continuing operation of RRRB.

Audio Book Service Includes:

· You choose from a selection of trained, experienced

· Professional recording studios with voice booths, sound

engineer, digital recording equipment and producer

· Advanced research on pronunciations and technical or

unfamiliar wordings

· Throughout the recordings, adherence to audio book industry


· Editing of all files to ensure proper volume levels and clarity
· Post-recording clean-up, addressing technical errors and
editing/re-uploading files, as needed

· Collaboration with author to upload completed files and

book cover artwork to the appropriate platform

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Graphic Design Services

Janice Hahn Studio

With over three decades of experience, Janice Hahn has designed print and online graphics across various industries. Her work has been award-winning, progressive in creatively conceptualizing strategic design solutions for her clientele. Her insight and unique sense of style, applying current trends defines her direction as a designer — rich in concept and strong in execution.

As a founder and manager of her boutique graphic design studio for the past 15 years, Janice offers what other agencies do not – a business collaboration emphasizing a personalized approach, ensuring that every client receives individual attention throughout the design process. This personal touch, with her keen project management skills and meeting extraordinary deadlines, enables her to deliver compelling visual messages that resonate with targeted audiences while keeping a watchful eye on budget constraints.

She boosts her clients to develop new clients of their own, while driving revenue from existing ones — giving every client an edge in their respective marketplace.

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Tips & Products Publishing

Paulette Ensign

Paulette presents powerful approach to boost book sales, before, during and after your book is done.

Not only will tips products accelerate your book sales - she will explore with you how to:

1. Create a new marketing tool AND new revenue stream all in one.

2. Benefit your customers, yourself, and your Amazon approach.

3. Expand your information product line, credibility, and presence effortlessly.


Editors - Book Writing Coaches - Illustrators etc.

Write to Unite is a global online community that engages in holistic transformational processes to write the stories we were born to share.

Kim Douglas, a writer and author, was a Professor of Writing for 28 years, and is a writing and editorial consultant. She has supported more than 2,000 individuals, academics, professionals and entrepreneurs to share their expertise through the power of story.

Her processes offer holistic transformational processes to bring the authors authentic stories to life in a way that will contribute to healing, empowerment and unity in our world. These are the stories that inspire change and improve our world.

Kim Douglas and her expert team offer a book writing program, coaching, writing retreats as well as the all-important editing
that brings life and richness to the author's work.

Write 2 Unite is our top recommendation for the author's we serve.

Bethany Good - Editor

Bethany Good is a prolific professional writer, editor, and business
owner. She enjoys helping authors find their voice, sharpen their writing skills, and create a manuscript they can be proud of.

Recently, she worked with Spotlight Publishing House author Michael Marr on his first book, “Revolution Without the R: Helping Our Newest Generations Turn Revolution into Evolution and Change US Politics Forever.”

Her work has been featured in PopSugar, Frederick Lifestyle Magazine, and Columbia Inspired Magazine, among others.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and hanging out with her Boston Terrier, Scout.



LinkedIn: https://


Teresa Cundiff

CEO of Wordy Nerds Media, Inc.

Teresa is a certified professional freelance proofreader.

Teresa will also copy edit to make sure everything is perfect. Her tag line is, "I know where the commas go!” 

Teresa is a #1 best-selling author of 22 collaboration books.

Teresa and her husband live in Fredericksburg, VA and have two sons, a daughter-in-love and a GRANDson named Callum. 

[email protected]


Anna Phelan - Editor

Since graduating with a Graduate Diploma in Journalism from Montreal’s Concordia University in 2007, Anna quickly earned a reputation as an established freelance translator (French to English), copy writer, copy editor and proofreader, working with many reputable publishing houses and other companies on all manner of manuscripts, from cookbooks to history books to children’s books to festival websites, newsletters and magazines and everything in between.

Now based in Victoria, B.C., she’s eager to offer her services to clients far and wide who are looking for an experienced copy editor and/or proofreader to take their work to the next level.

[email protected]


Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Joe Figueroa's work has delighted many of our children's book authors!

With and eye for detail, and keenly listening to the dream and vision of the author, it has been fun to see the end-result of his work.

Joe Figueroa has been professionally designing and illustrating for the last 16 years. His creative journey started from the moment he touched a pencil and as far back as he could remember. He graduated from Platt college with an AA in graphic design and earned his BFA in Illustration from the Art Institute of Orange County.  When Joe isn’t illustrating/designing, he enjoys composing music, playing various sports (when possible), and spending time with his family. He lives in Aurora, Colorado with his wife and their two children (7 and 11 years old).