Sandy Levey-Lunden

I Just Want Peace

About the book: 

Why am I here? What is my true purpose in life? How can I be at peace?

These questions sparked a lifelong quest for Sandy Levey-Lunden.

This legacy book embodies Sandy Levey-Lunden’s gift of intuition, compassionate listening, and heart-centered commitment to connecting deeply with people. Sandy has facilitated profound transformation through hundreds of trainings for thousands of people worldwide. This is the first time Sandy shares her accumulated knowledge from four decades of counseling and life coaching.

In 1980, Sandy opened her business On Purpose, and soon stepped onto the international arena of the personal and spiritual growth movement. Her students quickly recognized her as a brilliant teacher. However, she had little interest in fame or writing books. Instead, her passion was people and effectively supporting her students in shifting their consciousness from fear to love. As a result, she now has a worldwide network of thousands of more joyous and peaceful students, many of whom practice as counselors, therapists, and coaches.

As a formerly shy person, Sandy had found her calling and developed tools to support others to heal trauma and suffering and learn to communicate fully from the heart. 

Sandy’s simple yet powerful method guides participants to release past experiences and negative core-thinking patterns that may repeatedly attract negative life experiences. Sandy teaches how to move from limited thinking toward a life according to true purpose.  

“Deep feelings of guilt hide in our relationships with parents, siblings, and co-workers,” notes Levey-Lunden. “People come to me to heal from years of personal pain, familial relationship, or employer issues.”

With her unique coaching style, Sandy trains and heals our ability to interact with others. She has helped clients reconcile with their spouses, rekindle relationships with absent or overbearing parents, renew loving, permanent connections, and re-establish productive, rewarding careers.

“When we don’t deal with the trauma from abuse and misperceptions, we live in confusion from fear and guilt, sometimes for generations. Those repeated behavior patterns perpetuate a downward cycle of poor health and challenging relationships and often cause difficult life experiences.” 

Sandy’s masterful approach helps participants release these past patterns, relearn communication skills, and transform their lives. She states, “By changing our beliefs, we reconnect to the deeper awakenings of how thinking controls us.” She quotes Wayne Dyer, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

Her book I Just Want Peace reveals Sandy’s original 3-step Clearing Process that demonstrates how you can release negative beliefs and reclaim your most purposeful, joyous, and authentic life. 

Sandy’s personal story offers insights into how she received The Power of Clearing process during a life crisis.

Lessons from A Course in Miracles (ACIM) are paramount in her work and serve as the spiritual premise for her trainings, coaching, and network. 

I Just Want Peace encourages and challenges people to take full responsibility for the reality we create by claiming our power. One unique aspect of Sandy’s work is that she is committed to supporting you on your life journey toward living the most expansive vision for your life.

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