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About Michael Marr

Six-year-old Michael first learned about democracy and activism from his mother in 1972 while she was meeting with a Senator to fight for equal rights for women.

As he gazed upward in awe at the top of the State Capitol, he asked his mother, “who owns this beautiful home”? His mother squatted down, looked him in the eye and said, “the people do, but you have to fight for it sometimes”.

She didn’t know it yet, but that short conversation fueled the activist within him.

Mike earned early professional success as a Leadership and Development Coach and Master Trainer in the Tech field. He has a master’s degree in leadership and is certified in NLP and Conflict Management. Mike has helped hundreds of clients improve their lives in his Conflict Transformation and Leadership Training Workshops.

He is a passionate advocate for helping our newest voting generations strengthen democracy. He volunteers at local charities and began a unique program that brings together Republicans and Democrats at food shelters to help them see each other as humans with a shared purpose.

His love of history led him to the new field of Revolution Science, which attempts to predict where revolutions and other political changes will occur in the world based upon elements that have appeared in other uprisings.

When Michael isn’t writing, he spends time traveling the world with his wife and stubborn, but lovable, Jack Russell Terrier named Little Jack.

About Revolution Without The R

On January 6th, 2021, the vice president of the most powerful country in the world hid in a parking garage surrounded by his security detail while thousands of protestors, some with homemade guillotines with his name on them, entered the U.S. Capitol.

That noise you heard while witnessing the insurrection was the collective gasp of 330 million people in the United States asking, “How the $#!% could something like that happen in our country?”

But this narrative doesn’t tell the whole story - this book is about creating social change to benefit future generations while providing insights into improving personal conflict with others.

In this book, you’ll learn simple conflict management strategies from experts on how to cultivate better relationships. You’ll receive printable dialogue guides and engage in practicing these conversations via modern learning tools, including chatbots. Be able to finally reconnect with those you’ve unfriended on Facebook, close family members, and even those you haven’t spoken with in years.

You’ll also learn about revolution science - which reviews recurring elements present in past uprisings to predict a country’s future political instability.

Review why the science indicates a future peaceful revolution in the United States most likely won’t come from a small number of fiery insurrectionists, but from the growing coalition of citizens passionate about creating a reformed democracy.

Also, learn why this science says those people starting this future revolution….may include you and me.

Welcome to the Evolution.

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