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Becky Norwood - Spotlight Publishing House

Becky Norwood

CEO and Master Publishing Expert

Becky Norwood has worked with well over 1,000 authors bringing their work to the world.

With a passion for storytelling, Becky enjoys drawing out the stories from her authors as they put pen to paper with the goal of impacting lives.

The authors Becky works with often are building their business and their legacy - showcasing their expertise, and she is an astute guide in showcasing their wisdom and worth.

Mark Norwood

Master Assistant

Considered the right-hand man behind Spotlight Publishing House, Mark works in the background to make sure all is running like a well-oiled machine.

Recently retired after over 40 years in the milk processing arena of the dairy industry, Mark lends a hand as needed.

Enjoying sixteen years of marriage, Mark and Becky have a blended family of 5 adult kids and 12 grandchildren. They also have 2 grandpups - who do not believe they are dogs - Molly (polly, wolly, doodle all day) a poodle with massive personality and Jesse (peekers) a papillion mix who keeps loves keeping her in line.

Why authorship

Maggie Mongan

Advisory Staff

Maggie is widely known as the Brilliant Breakthroughs for Small Business Owners genius.

Sharyn G. McWhorter

Advisory Staff

In 1994, Sharyn BEgan her stellar Feng Shui journey. As a Storyteller, Anthologist, and Alchemist, Sharyn taps the practical magic of the ancients, which she has merged into modern applications. Her personalized BEjeweled Treasure Map unveils miracles.      

Sharyn's specialized expertise exquisitely serves her Writerly clients in realizing their Magnum Opus. Her Wind Water Conservatory focuses on WISDOM: The Writerly Way, a successful system that untethers creative fulfillment. She designs a sacred sanctuary that supports her client's sumptuous intentions which reveal their genius. Indeed, To BE Write Where They Are Supposed to BE.

Why authorship

Timothy S. Rilley

Advisory Staff

Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Tim graduated high school in 1965, attended Eastern Michigan University and served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1966 - 1972.

Tim and his wife Debra, a retired school teacher, moved to Arizona in 2004 after raising their family in Minnesota. For the past 10 years he has served in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps as the Executive Officer and then Commanding Officer of Veterans Pride Battalion located in Glendale, AZ as well as the Commanding Officer of the Sea Eagles Squadron located in Yuma, AZ. This is a youth program for both male and female’s, Chartered by Congress and Supported by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps.

Tim and his wife are currently publishing a remarkable children's book that will showcase animals in zoo's across the country.

Believing in giving back in gratefulness of all that life has given him and has served as a volunteer for many organizations, including the Rotary and Lions Clubs, Big Brothers, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America, to name a few.

Betty Carew, CRSP, CHSC

Advisory Staff

International Best-Selling author and recognized as a veteran coach and mentor in her discipline, in the field of deep-water oil and gas exploration. Betty has been specializing in the offshore deep-water exploration world, where she has been working with men and women from around the world. She was one of the supporting team members who drilled some of the deepest wells off Canada’s east coast.

Her experience is a testimony to Heartship, a new way of being, a new way of leading.   Along with Betty’s “One Team” approach, she brings with her the wisdom of living above the waterline.