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Happiness means Creativity, Productivity, Effectiveness and Profitability

Meet Paul Krismer

Paul is an international happiness expert helping organizations embrace practical tools of positive psychology so that they can build committed, high performing teams. I use my extensive executive experience to work with leaders who know that the strength of their business is found in their people.

With over twenty-five years as senior corporate leader, a radical and practical use of cutting-edge science, and a passion for driving real results, I take audiences on an interactive and engaging journey where they gain a new perspective on their workplace culture AND their own personal leadership potential.

From Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson to the U.S. Military, I have helped emerging leaders in nearly every industry to experience a paradigm shift to successful people management. I have spoken to tens of thousands of people on five different continents. I am equally comfortable with audiences in the thousands as I am leading intimate executive retreats.

I make great science accessible and entertaining.

Each customized presentation carries your audience into deep personal reflection. The number one adjective received from thousands of feedback surveys is the word “engaging”. Your audience will be riveted as they see themselves in the learning content. As the sole focus of the show, they leave happy, energized, and committed to action.

He works out of his homes in both Las Vegas, Nevada, and Victoria, British Columbia.

You can reach him at:

[email protected]

Meet Jackson Kerchis

Jackson Kerchis is an author, speaker and consultant... and above all he is a teacher at heart. He believes that the science of happiness has the power to transform the world of business. He combines his experience as a happiness researcher and educator with his business acumen as a management consultant to deliver unique, insightful, and inspiring content at the intersection of happiness and business.

After finishing his economics major at the University of Alabama in two years, he created the world’s first Bachelor of Science in Happiness Studies.

When Jackson realized that while sucess, earnings and achievements are wonderful... what we really want is happiness, his mission became serving 1,000 organization by 2025. Happiness is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to the world. This includes being happier with the work we do in the world... and being happier at work.

Over the next few years, he won research grants, instructed the first Happiness Habits course at the University of Alabama, and lived as a Zen monk.

Since then he has applied his expertise to businesses and military clients. Case studies include: improving safety outcomes for a $600M commercial transport operation, improving emotional intelligence and coaching skillset for national real estate development company, improving wellbeing in the Army National Guard, and executive coaching to the CFO of a major children’s hospital.

You can reach Jackson at:

[email protected]

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Workplace culture is your key to exceptional success in business. In fact, culture is equally important as strategic vision, effective business processes, and your value proposition. This book provides a road map to optimal culture. It tells you how to create one that truly sets your organization apart.

Today, there is an incredibly tight labor market, resulting in record-low unemployment numbers and massive churn in the workforce.

Modern large workplaces too often feel soul-sucking… joyful learning never happens… enthusiastic teamwork and playful innovation are gone… labor is bought, but hearts are on strike.

These places have massive competitive disadvantages. They lose productivity and profitability. They have poor customer service, lots of absenteeism, and are followers, playing catch-up to the companies that truly innovate.

These businesses are where the “get up and go!” got up and left a long time ago. The popular press is calling this period “The Great Resignation.” Droves of workers are leaving their employers looking for something better. What is better? Rarely is it articulated this succinctly, but put simply, people want to be happier at work.

This book is a wake-up call for organizations of all sizes.

Can our businesses step past sort-term quarterly profits and instead see a grander vision? Can business be a force for good not only for the people in the workforces, but for the world? Can happiness and well-being be the vision that propels some organizations to greatness?

Look inside for an incredibly practical, action-oriented recipe to build your thriving workplace culture. In this book you’ll learn how workforce well-being, culture, and worker engagement are inseparable from these other more traditional business concerns.

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