Meet Dr. Beatriz Olson

Release Date: July 11th, 2023

Mind Body Secrets...

A Medical Doctor’s Spiritual and Scientific Guide to Wellness, Dr. Beatriz Olson unravels the “secrets” of our ancestral biology and survival mentality, which we need to understand to thrive in the contemporary world. She teaches us how to change limiting mindsets, key elements of the care of our bodies and minds, and the importance of spirit to wellbeing.

Through this knowledge it is possible to overcome the metabolic dissonance that causes obesity, diabetes, heart disease, isolation, depression, and burnout. Without this information, we are unprepared to make lifesaving choices that would help us from becoming sick and reverse diseases we already have.  

She weaves science, 3 decades of medical expertise and experience, and her personal and patients’ stories to helps us understand the workings of the mind, the impact of mind-body interactions and lifestyle in our health, and why it matter that we be knowledgeable and skillful to be empowered and not dependent on others to create our health & wellbeing. This book is a transformational journey to health.

She teaches that you have to understand the mind and harness its power to succeed at caring for your body’s basic needs. She teaches that when the body and mind are aligned and cared for we can reach our full energy and vitality, be most impactful in relationships and the work we do to help others. She shows the value of understanding your spirit energy to create a long and healthy lifespan (Longevity).

You will get the most of this book if you engage with it, including the meditations embedded before the journaling prompts for growth and transformation. She guarantees you will be transformed by the end of the book if you embrace this as a course that will transform your life and embody the empowered healthy person identity you have always yearned to have. Here you will achieve mind, body and spiritual health, which when aligned, help create vitality, longevity and a soulful life.

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