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Why authorship

Why Authorship

The reasons for becoming an author are as many and varied as the books that grace the shelves of our homes, libraries, and bookstores.

Publishing has become the "in" thing, especially in the world of small business and entrepreneurship. We live in an amazing world filled with the advantages of digital tools and resources along with the ever-increasing ability to be seen, heard, and READ due to the social platforms we have available to us.

Be sure to click below as we take a deep dive into the WHYs of authorship to determine if it is a good choice for you.

Our Recent Authors

Uniquely Diverse Messages for Humanity

The Imaginist

Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore

Sharyn G. Jordan

and Contributing Authors

These exquisite stories are medicine, a healing balm opening our hearts to immense joy, illuminating beauty, and yes, gratitude. They are our teachers inspiring, enriching, and connecting us to essential, elegant, and ever•evolving parts of our BEing. Within sacred storytelling, we can listen and hear our life’s journey and also honor the expansive experiences of humanity. Together, we traverse the Tao of Exquisite Living.

There Is No Standing Still

by Dr. Sean Mohtashami

Unlock the secrets to successful dental practice management with

"There's No Standing Still."

This comprehensive guide offers insights into how to build a profitable, meaningful practice while transforming lives daily. Written by Dr. Sean Mohtashami, a renowned mentor and lecturer in the dental profession, readers will learn life-changing strategies for mastering the art of practice ownership, leading with influence, and finding a healthy balance between success and quality of life.

Revolution Without the R

On January 6th, 2021, the vice president of the most powerful country in the world hid in a parking garage surrounded by his security detail while thousands of protestors, some with homemade guillotines with his name on them, entered the U.S. Capitol.

That noise you heard while witnessing the insurrection was the collective gasp of 330 million people in the United States asking, “How the $#!% could something like that happen in our country?”

If You Plan On Voting in 2024

This Book is a Must-Read

"Even this Nation will be on the very verge

of crumbling to pieces and tumbling to the ground and when the constitution is upon the brink of ruin this people will be the staff upon which the Nation shall lean, and they shall

bear the constitution away from the

very verge of destruction."

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Sabine Kruse

Spotlight Publishing House, has been wonderful to work with in birthing my book “Activate Your Highest Potential With Sacred Geometry.” Their considerable expertise in the publishing business, efficiency as well as compassionate guidance and dedicated support every step of the way from editing, interior design, launching to promoting my book have been very valuable to me. Thank you, Becky, for truly caring about my book, for your flexibility and VIP treatment! Highly recommended!  

Charmaine Hammond

I have had the opportunity to work with Becky Norwood and Spotlight Publishing on several projects and each time it has been a very positive experience. Some of our clients have launched their books through Spotlight Publishing Services and have provided extremely positive feedback about their experience. It's a pleasure to provide a review. Thank you Becky and team for all you do to support authors and aspiring authors.

Junie Swadron

Becky Norwood, founder and CEO of Spotlight Publishing House, went way over and above my hopes and expectations as the publisher of my book, Re-Write Your Life II: Peace Awaits You! I have published other books and my experience from the day she said, "Yes" to publishing my book to my actual book launch, her devoted time, talent and expertise was an unsurpassed experience. I have other books ahead of me and she will be my go-to publisher from now on. If you are looking for a publisher who truly cares - if she says yes to you, expect VIP treatment.