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Following is a summary of what you will be receiving upon signing up for our Founder Package

The Spotlight Publishing House team is proud to present you with a very unique publishing package. What you will find here will not only contain the core of what it takes to "get your book published."

The Founder Publishing Package is for the AUTHOR who already has the infrastructure or is gradually building an author platform.

After working with 400+ authors, the majority of whom have achieved #1 Bestselling (often Internationally) in multiple categories, we know the work it takes for an author to bring their book to the world. It is not just the writing, there's the mandatory editing, then book design and book covers that get created as well.

We have multiple conversations with each of our authors about how marketing must begin the moment you put pen to paper (or tap those keys). Most of our authors are very busy individuals with businesses to run, families to raise, and many other responsibilities. Some have not started businesses yet; they are using their books as a tool - a starting point to establish their expertise.

With the Founder Publishing Package, you can also select ala-carte items to fulfill your current gaps.

Spotlight Publishing House is unique in that we take a very hands-on approach with our authors. We want them to understand what will lead them to success, to be seen, read, and heard with the powerful messages and leadership they bring to the world. We ask a lot of questions of our authors at the onset. Such as:

• WHO is your book for?

• WHAT do you hope to accomplish by publishing this book?

• WHEN do you intend to publish?

• WHERE is your tribe/following/market?

• WHY – what is your BIG WHY?

• HOW do you intend to promote your book?

These questions lead to many more questions that we ask because the answers help the Spotlight Team know how to serve you with excellence.

In full disclosure, some of our marketing offerings are fulfilled by tried-and-true joint venture partners who are masters in their unique areas of expertise. We learned long ago that we cannot be all things to all people, so we have vetted each joint venture service partner to bring you the best for successful publishing and promotion.

When an author chooses to work with Spotlight Publishing House and selects services they want to include in their package, each author and their personal Spotlight Team (joint venture service partners) are included in a project management system that is truly intuitive. Spotlight Publishing House oversees the projects to ensure all involved are on the same page and all items are accomplished promptly.

We work with timelines and segments of accomplishments with a calendar clearly defining what is needed from you, the author, and the appropriate Spotlight Team Members.

So, let's jump in now and look at what the Spotlight Publishing Team is delighted to bring to you!

Welcome to Spotlight Publishing House!

We present you with your

Founder Publishing Package!

Please Note: Authors are required to submit professionally edited manuscripts to Spotlight Publishing House.


The editing stage is one of the toughest stages for the author. Naturally, your manuscript is from the heart; therefore, it is perfect! 😊 Well, typically not. We often cannot see our own forest through the trees.

We have a pool of premiere editors we work with and can refer to you if necessary.

There are some steps you can take to minimize your editing expenses:

  1. Read your book one chapter at a time, OUT LOUD.

  2. Have someone who knows you and loves you read your book to you OUT LOUD.

  3. There is software available where you can upload your manuscript, choose the voice and have it read to you… while you along.

All of these methods will help you spot the areas that need fine-tuning, such as repetition and areas that are nonsensical to the reader. Do not worry, it happens to even the most prolific writers.

Many of our authors begin working with us while their manuscript is in editing simply because there is much to be done to get this book ready for publishing.

NOTE: Spotlight Publishing House does NOT take royalties, and the author keeps all rights to their book.***

We publish on Amazon, Ingram Spark*, and Draft2Digital. Should you choose to add audio, Findaway Voices for the Audiobook as well.

*Ingram Spark has processing and catalog fees not included in our pricing.

We have very specific reasons we publish to these platforms*:

  1. Amazon – Amazon is a major search engine that allows authors many perks, including category selection and promotion.

  2. Ingram Spark – Distributes the book into the catalogs for the bookstores, libraries,, and other online bookstores.

  3. Draft2Digital distributes the eBook out to 45 platforms where people purchase digital books.

  4. Findaway Voices – Distributes the audiobook to 45 platforms (including Amazon) where people purchase audiobooks. (not in this package - **audio books are an add-on).

*Because each book distributor has your book on their platform, they keep a percentage of the royalties - percentages vary.

**Audiobook is not included in this package.
***Because each platform has your book on their platform, they keep a percentage of the royalties, - percentages vary.

Explanation of how we work:

Milestones and Production Schedules

We work in blocks of accomplishments or milestones. Certain milestones need to be met before we can schedule a book launch date.

We can target a projected book launch date but must work with production schedules and milestones to assure the launch date. We work with a team, each with unique requirements that must be accomplished within certain timelines and schedules. We set these milestones in a project management system to keep us all on track.

As the milestones are accomplished, and we implement the production schedules, we can project the completion date and set the intended launch schedules.

Milestone Phase 1

All Things Book Production

Step 1:

Presentation of your manuscript (in the stage it is at this point) to Spotlight Publishing House for review.

Step 2:

Book cover design:

• Discussion on branding, colors, fonts, etc.

• In-depth discussion on Title/Subtitle/Author Name

• Research what other books of this nature look like – and how to create a cover to strike attention.

The front cover gets created first. We then create marketing images with the front cover, including book cover reveals. It will create excitement and be very useful when building your launch team.

We create the:

• Kindle Cover (just the front cover)

• Full paperback and hardcovers

• A full package of marketing images

Further into the process, the back cover and spine are added. This is usually not done until we have the final page count, which occurs after the interior design stage.

Step 3:

The Legal Stuff

ISBNs for each format of your book. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a numbering system that provides each published book with a unique identifier to make it easier for booksellers, libraries, and readers to find the exact version they seek.

• Kindle (eBook)

• Paperback

• Hardcover

• Audiobook

Library of Congress Control Number: A Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) is a unique identification number containing a year and serial number for a book. It's assigned by the Library of Congress for book titles that are likely to be added to its collection.

Ultimately, LCCNs help librarians find correct cataloging data for books that have been published in the U.S. Your actual book gets mailed to the Library of Congress, courtesy of Spotlight Publishing House. (the US only)

Copyright for your book – Copyrighting protects you from others stealing your work, passing it off as their own, and making a profit. By copyrighting your book, you take control of your own words and how they are used. Copyrighting is a form of intellectual property where you can lay claim to your original work.

Step 4:

In-depth discussion of where in-book videos and list building can be added to the pages of the book.

The vast majority of our authors add video(s) that they have created to add extra nuggets of information for their readers. A video could be a recap of the chapter or add other thoughts in each chapter. This makes the book become more interactive and fascinating to the reader and gives them deeper insight into your personality and what you bring to the world. (We have guides to show you how to do this.)

Step 5:


The endorsement stage is a critical promotional opportunity.


This creates an opportunity for you like no other to build your network because this is the one time you tap into experts in your field of expertise and request that they write endorsements for your book. Being an author allows you to expand your network considerably. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this along with an endorsement request letter template.

Many of our authors have been able to get fantastic endorsements for their book. Endorsements serve as the social proof your readers so often expect to see now.

Think about it, when you consider reading a book, what do you look for? Most of us look to see what others are saying about the book.

The endorsement stage takes some time, so we suggest that our authors begin this stage earlier in the process. Usually, the manuscript is not yet fully completed, but it is far enough along that the endorsers will have a good idea of what your book is about and are happy to oblige – they usually understand this and are glad to help. After all, it is another social footprint for them as well.

Step 6:

Final Design

At about this stage, the professionally edited version of the manuscript is ready. Then, after careful review, you sign off on the approval form that you are satisfied with the editing. This is exciting because now, we begin the interior design activities.

You will be choosing any design features you want, such as styles, fonts, and flourish (stylish emblem).

This is not only an exciting stage, but it is also the final time to address anything that has been overlooked – this includes everything except manuscript editing, which is caught by the author and corrected. Then, before the completed manuscript and design are published, you will authorize it as a "ready to publish as is" version of your book.

Step 7:

Author Bio, Headshot, Book Description, and Back of Book Blurb

These are highly important steps that simply cannot be overlooked. Therefore, we work with you to create these items.

For your bio, we need both long and short bios that will be used:

• Inside the book as the About the Author section - at the end of the book.

• For the ISBNs and Library of Congress descriptors.

• Your author pages on Author Central and other publishing houses

• Some authors like their short bio to be added to the back cover.

We will use the long book description for placement on the publishing sites and other promotion sites, while we use a short book description for many of the promotion sites.

And, of course, a short, to-the-point blurb for the back of the book. Now we move to…

Milestone Phase 2

All Things Marketing

Please be aware that the different phases often happen simultaneously with all the other work going on. This is the only way we could present our packages to provide an overall picture of what you can expect.

You should be talking about your message and your book in your emails, social media, podcasts, summits, blogs, circle of friends, etc. If you have NOT been doing this… START NOW!

We encourage our authors to use the book cover graphics we provide and share them on social media and to your mailing lists. Marketing begins NOW! Read excerpts of the book on social media, and share your author's journey and key learning points. Engage your following and get them excited for your book release!

Step 1:

Pre Orders before the book is available.

Many of our authors begin pre-orders on sales months before the book is ready. Pre-orders count as sales during the launch and go towards bestseller rankings.

Often our authors create a book sales page or landing page for this purpose.

We include a book sales/landing page that showcases your book on the Spotlight Publishing House website.

We do encourage a landing page on your own website with to capture your unique branding

CAUTION: The caveat is that with the publishing houses we work with (Amazon, Ingram Spark, Draft 2 Digital, etc.), once the on-sale date or available date is set, if the book is NOT ready (because you miss the deadline), you will be restricted from publishing said book for an entire year. Many authors forego this option.

Step 2:

Building Your Launch Team

Your launch team will consist of those who know, like/love, and trust you. Preferably, they also have a list of followers and are willing to promote you/your book before and during your book launch.

We provide step-by-step instructions for building a launch team. We also provide copy/paste information with links and images for your launch team and you to use for promoting your book launch.

We provide ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in the form of a Flipbook that launch teams can use to pre-read the book before the launch and prepare a review in advance.

We also provide a branded form you can use to help build your launch team, complete with email follow-up instructions.

In conjunction with the book sales page mentioned in Phase 2 -Step 1, we also create a Flipbook with your best three (3) chapters and a pop-up video for your landing page so that readers/followers can get a sneak peek at your book.

Step 3:

Book Promotional Kit

We offer a social media promotional kit. This contains a series of graphics that will promote your book before and after the release of your book on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The graphics include:

"Pre-order" Graphic - A single "Pre-order Now" graphic will be created to let the author's current and target audience know the author is about to release a book, and they can pre-order their copy. This is used to build anticipation.

5 countdown Graphics - We create five different graphics, each counting from #5 to # 1. This is used to build anticipation for the release of your book.

"About this Book" Graphic - A brief summary of the author's book is used to spread awareness of the author's book, and it's used to give the

author's current & target audience an idea of what the book is about.

• "After Reading this Book" Graphic - 2 separate graphics will be created. Each graphic will highlight 2-3 of the most important lessons or knowledge that the author's current & target audience will learn after reading their book. This graphic is used for awareness and to create purchase behavior.

Inspirational Quotes Graphics: 10 separate graphics will be created. Each graphic will contain a profound exert or quote from the author's book. This is used to spread awareness of the author's book, and to give the author's current & target audience snippets of the author's book once it's released.

Step 4:

Author One Sheet

We create an Author One Sheet for our authors. An Author One Sheet is a one-page promotional piece for authors to use in their social media, all marketing, or even as a mailer. It is a proven time-saver for you and very convenient for bloggers/podcasters/media outlets looking for people to interview.

Milestone Phase 3

Pre-Launch through Post Launch Activities

Step 1:

Preparation for Launch

This is when all systems are set in place. Then, we set a time with you to review all the items above and closely examine the fully designed book to assure that nothing was missed.

There is a flurry of activity as we finalize the full book cover and begin uploading it to the various publishing distributors. Additionally, we conduct keyword and category research for your book so you rank in the best categories for your topic.

This is when everything gets quite exciting, and you are full steam ahead – engaging your launch team, promoting on your social media, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Spotlight Publishing House and our promotional partners also team together to spread the message about your book.

We set up the book's graphics and links and confirmed our launch day Livestream interviews.

We also prepare for your Amazon Author page.

Step 2:

Pre-Launch Campaign

The pre-launch is when all of the launch team (yours and ours) purchase ONLY the eBook (Kindle) on Amazon – and then leave a review on Amazon. This typically happens a week prior to the main launch (when we promote the book's paperback version).

This is a critical step. Many of our authors have successfully garnered 50-100 reviews of their book from their launch team members. This is social proof and often provides that first great impression. Remarkably, 99% of the time, the eBook becomes a #1 bestseller during this phase… in MANY categories, and it is pretty exciting for the launch team to experience.

Step 3:

Launch Campaign

This is when the rubber hits the road! With all systems set to go, there is a flurry of activity with your launch team of supporters (these are your people who are willing to help you promote to their following). Additionally, Spotlight Publishing House also has a team who will promote your book launch, and let's not forget you, the author, and all the promotion you will be doing.

Launch Day Interview time! This is a big booster for sales. We have seen these interviews being shared and viewed by hundreds of people, either live or afterward.

This is a day of celebration. Quite often, the author has also become a Bestseller, or even a #1 Bestseller, in the chosen categories for the paperback version of the book.

Spotlight Publishing House takes screenshots of the Pre-Launch and Launch Day ranking, often creating even more excitement.

Step 4:


Just because Launch Day is over does not mean that your marketing is over! On the contrary, the active promotion will get your book into as many hands as possible. After all, you wrote your book to get your message out there, right?

In anticipation of a favorable book launch, Spotlight Publishing House also prepares the cover with Bestseller seals. If appropriate, they will be uploaded to Amazon.

We also review the results with the author and complete any unfinished business.

We present you with a list of podcasters and promotion sites where your book can be marketed, and we encourage you to seek out collaborative opportunities.


Access to a Membership Account on the new social media platform called BeeKonnected. Membership is for a Free level account.

Recap of the Founder Publishing Package

  • 6 One-to-One Consultations - (Check-in's/Milestone Assessment/Keeping Author on Track)

  • Group Coaching - (Bi-Monthly: Meet & Collaborate with other authors/Learn from Experts)

  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter

  • Lifetime Access to Membership Site: (Our author resource center)

  • Asset Workbook: (After publishing you will receive a workbook with important details about your book.

  • Interior Book Design - (Interior Design by or SPH Team. Choose your fonts, flourish and style.)

  • Book Cover Design - (Collaboration for exactly what you want. eBook/Paperback/Hardcover)

  • ISBNs/Library of Congress* - (Retain the rights to book! ISBNs/Copyright *LoC for U.S. Only)

  • Endorsement/Launch Templates - (Build your launch team and get valuable endorsements)

  • Category/Keyword Optimization - (Book descriptions, keywords, category research)

  • Author Bio/Book Description - (Refine author bio/book description/back of book blurb)

  • Author One Sheet

  • Book Promo Graphics Kit

  • Publishing/Worldwide Distribution

  • Bestseller Pre-Launch & Launch

  • Launch Day Livestream Interview

  • Author Showcase on SPH Platform - (blog, email, social media and website)

  • BeeKonnected - Free Level Acct. (

  • Post Launch Recap


Access to a FREE Level Membership account on the new social media platform called BEEKonnected.

Next Steps

  1. Fill out the Author Discovery Session Form in Advance of our Initial Meeting.

  2. Schedule Your Author Discovery Session.

  3. Review this proposal carefully by downloading a pdf of this Founder Publishing Package.

  4. Meet with an SPH Expert to make sure all of your questions are answered.

  5. Review the proposal after the Session.

  6. Book a clarity session so we can make sure that all of your questions are answered:

  7. Sign the Publishing Agreement.

NOTE: Pay in Full and Payment plans are available.

We do not publish until paid in full.

Note: We allot of up to 15 images images (not including your choice of flourish). All images must be at least 300 dpi. Additional images will require additional fees.

We are excited to walk alongside you in your Author Journey!