Our Vetted Collaboration Partners

Meet our team of experts who serve as our joint venture partners. Each have been vetted and provide excellence in services and knowledge of their craft. These wonderful business owners support our authors in magnificent ways.

Our Vetted Collaboration Partners

Below you will find an delightful array of Collaboration Partners

They are sectioned below as Marketing and Services.


Actionera APP

Mobile App by Actionera

Iman Aghay and Robert Evans

Imagine you own All-In-One Content, Membership and Marketing Platform. With Actionera you can take charge of your membership base and build a website and mobile app that reflect your brand!

With this unique All-in-one-platform you will be able to deliver content in a membership website, AND market your website using powerful marketing tools. You will have complete control over you payments, privacy and member data.

Done-for-you app publishing on the Apple/Google app stores.

Podcast Masterclass

Influence Accelerator

Ike Fontaine

Ike has several programs that serve authors to generate business, grow online authority and expand their professional network.

Podcasting is the #1 content marketing method for motivated leaders who want to grow their businesses and authority online.

Ike offers Podcast Accelerator - a done-with-you program where leaders develop , launch and grow their podcasts. This is most effective and modern process for launching your own show.

He also offers Influence Accelerator by Future Media -a done- for-you agency podcast production and marketing service.

The AUTHORity Method

Larissa Banting

The Instant Authority Method is a done-for-you service featuring:

  • A professionally-written media release

  • Distribution to over 400 media outlets which will publish the release on their website

  • A detailed 7-page report with links to every outlet where the release is published, including Google Indexed pages, delivered within 72 hours

  • As See On logos including NBC, CBS, FOX and MarketWatch that you can use in all of your marketing materials (including these in your LinkedIn avatar can increase clickthroughts by 30% according to studies, and having them on your sits can increase sales by 24-38%).

The Author's Leverage

Parchelle Tashi

As a thought leader, your wealth of knowledge can be transformed into profitable and actionable learning assets.

Meet Parchelle Tashi, a former teacher and now an executive producer of thought leaders with over a decade of experience. She will help you leverage your book and expertise with The Author’s Leverage.  We understand creating quality learning assets can be a struggle, but that's where they come in.

They specialize in creating digital workbooks, a superior alternative to traditional online courses and fillable PDFs, providing a learning experience that drives results. Contact her today to unlock the potential of your book and thought leadership.


Our team offers a full-service award-winning audiobook production company.

Their directors and editors are highly experienced professionals who ensure you publish an audiobook that is a delight for the ears and brilliant reflection of your message and brand. They cover the production, publishing, distribution and content marketing of your audiobook so you can focus on you being you.

It's not just an audiobook -

it's prominence, credibility, impact, vulnerability, visibility, impact and being seen... It's your message!

We meet and exceed industry standards by selecting high quality manuscripts for publication. You keep the rights and the royalties.


Editors - Book Writing Coaches - Illustrators etc.

Write to Unite is a global online community that engages in holistic transformational processes to write the stories we were born to share.

Kim Douglas, a writer and author, was a Professor of Writing for 28 years, and is a writing and editorial consultant. She has supported more than 2,000 individuals, academics, professionals and entrepreneurs to share their expertise through the power of story.

Her processes offer holistic transformational processes to bring the authors authentic stories to life in a way that will contribute to healing, empowerment and unity in our world. These are the stories that inspire change and improve our world.

Kim Douglas and her expert team offer a book writing program, coaching, writing retreats as well as the all-important editing
that brings life and richness to the author's work.

Write 2 Unite is our top recommendation for the author's we serve.

Bethany Good - Editor

Bethany Good is a prolific professional writer, editor, and business
owner. She enjoys helping authors find their voice, sharpen their writing skills, and create a manuscript they can be proud of.

Recently, she worked with Spotlight Publishing House author Michael Marr on his first book, “Revolution Without the R: Helping Our Newest Generations Turn Revolution into Evolution and Change US Politics Forever.”

Her work has been featured in PopSugar, Frederick Lifestyle Magazine, and Columbia Inspired Magazine, among others.

In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and hanging out with her Boston Terrier, Scout.



LinkedIn: https://



Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Joe Figueroa's work has delighted many of our children's book authors!

With and eye for detail, and keenly listening to the dream and vision of the author, it has been fun to see the end-result of his work.

Joe Figueroa has been professionally designing and illustrating for the last 16 years. His creative journey started from the moment he touched a pencil and as far back as he could remember. He graduated from Platt college with an AA in graphic design and earned his BFA in Illustration from the Art Institute of Orange County.  When Joe isn’t illustrating/designing, he enjoys composing music, playing various sports (when possible), and spending time with his family. He lives in Aurora, Colorado with his wife and their two children (7 and 11 years old).