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After many months of diligent work, Richard Villasana's book is available for purchase. As you turn the pages of this riveting book you will learn startling, sobering and disheartening facts.

• More than 423,900 children are in U.S. foster care.

• Today 55 kids will disappear from their foster homes. Most will never be found.

• Roughly 66 foster teens will age out and be forced into the streets and on their own tonight.

• By tomorrow morning, some of the foster teens who age out today will be sex trafficking victims, essentially slaves.

Welcome to the United States foster care system.

Child experts, caseworkers, and judges are generally in agreement that foster care is not the best place for a child to spend years of their young lives. The system was never intended to be a government institution that raises children until adulthood. Too often children who do remain in foster care suffer a lack of stability with constant moves from one home to another, frustration with losing friends and adults who care about them and long-term depression.

Nearly 23,000 foster teens are forced out (usually called “aging out”) of the system annually, and their lifetime statistics are appalling and obscene.

• Between 20-30 percent will become homeless, some immediately.

• Upwards of 40 percent must find ways to complete their high school education while searching for food and safe shelter.

• Some foster teens become sex trafficking victims in as little as six hours.

• Thousands end up in prison.

• Some will be killed or commit suicide.

These terrible outcomes usually occur within just two years of foster kids being forced out of the system. If these statistics aren’t enough to grab your attention, then let’s put some dollars to this problem.

Richard Villasana has spent decades working with Latin America. He was a university professor at UABC, Tijuana, B.C., and has given corporate training at some of Mexico's largest institutions, organizations, and corporations, such as Plantronics, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and IMSS, Mexico's largest health care institution. He has been featured in several publications.

Richard Welcomes Media/Podcasts and Speaking Engagements!

Richard has given talks on family finding as well as presentations on diversity, communication and research at universities in both the U.S. (National City University, University of Houston) and Latin America.

"Our agency would definitely use your services on future cases and recommend Forever Homes for Foster Kids to other agencies in need of locating relatives in Mexico and Central America."

- James R. Hernández, Child Protective Services Specialist II, Arlington, TX

"You helped us find an Uncle in Mexico which led us to the youth's Grandmother in California.

She is now adopting the youth!"

YMCA Youth and Family Services

"Because of your considerable and dedicated research, we were able to establish

direct contact with this foster child's family."

Anjuli Barak, CASA of Travis County, TX