Amazing Woman Rise!

Make the #1 Shift Needed to
 Excel in Business, Career, and Purpose.
Amplify Your True Worth.  
Unleash Spiritual Confidence. 
Ignite the Power of the Feminine Heart.​​

The feminine heart is the source of infinite power, intelligence, insight, and understanding. Tap into this power and you elevate your relationship with your soul's mission – you unlock innate talents, amplify worth and magnify your confidence. In essence, accessing the power of the feminine heart moves you beyond an outdated image, becoming less about rules and expectations; and more about expressing your authentic voice. 

Whatever you are doing to enhance your life, igniting the infinite power of the feminine heart can bring more of everything you desire; it brings every experience, no matter how small, into deeper clarity. By learning ways to access this power, you deliberately and consciously elevate an understanding of your true self, liberate greater possibilities, and set yourself free from diminishing self-doubt. 

In this groundbreaking book, Marsh Engle along with a collective of influential mentors, entrepreneurs, and change-makers offer an insightful exploration into the ways they are magnifying the power of the feminine heart to excel in business, relationships, and their purpose. With a fresh look at the power of presence, creativity, wholeness, and self-leadership, AMAZING WOMAN RISE provides the ultimate guide to your most inspired, radiant and fulfilling future.

AMAZING WOMAN RISE Featured Authors includes Patrina Wisdom, Christine Howard, Pamela Nebeker, Theresa Wray, Conni Ponturo, Heather Salmon, Dena Breslin, and Wendy L. Yost.

As a visionary leader, Marsh Engle is dedicated to evolving the culture of women's success. Her work and multi-decade research promote practices that lead women to find and flourish in an unshakeable confidence, reclaiming their voices, and acting upon their highest potentials.

Quotes from other contributing authors...

"I AM RISING by weaving a tapestry of heartfelt, engaging storytelling."

- Becky Norwood

"You are the soulful medicine you seek. It is already within."

- Carmen Ferri

"I RISE with aligned action and focus, surrounded in the fullness of love."

- Carol Koppelman

"The are of believing in yourself is self-love in action!"

- CeCe Sanchez

"I dream of painting, then I paint my dream." 

-Vincent Von _ Gina Shansey

"Extraordinary wisdom within is unleashed when aligned hearts rise together."

-Jacqueline Bambenek

"To live from the infinite power of the feminine heart is to embody our true creative self."

- Lisa Agaran

"I AM RISING from pure love, inspiration and divinity."

- Lisa Love

"Imagine what is possible when you ignite your love within."

-Malka Shivdasani


-Pamela Plick

"My feminine light softly reminds me everything will be ok."

- Rocio Ortiz Luevano

"Embrace Your Self!"

- Sandra Girouard

"Follow the highest vibration of your heart and move with love, compassion & kindness."

- Susan Kastner

"I AM RISING through the gifts of meditation!" - Tami Roos

"Turn on your heart light. Lead with intention. Be the change you want to see.

Connect in purpose. Change the world."

- Genna Rosenberg