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Becky Norwood

#1 International Bestselling author, speaker, & book publishing expert, Becky Norwood is CEO of Spotlight Publishing House™. She is widely recognized for the empowering and intuitive way she guides others to weave storytelling into their books and marketing. She incorporates her methods with sound marketing, which is the pathway for business expansion and audience growth.

Becky and her team has brought over 350 authors to #1 bestseller. Through her live streaming/podcast events, countless listeners have heard her interviews of both authors and experts offering sage advice. She offers an extensive catalog of services supporting emerging and established authors.

Becky believes that a well-told story is a gateway for growth, sharing, and a way to unite humanity. She is an advocate for the positive that comes from sharing our creative genius and impacting our world in positive ways. Her work in the world centers around the LIGHT of







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